Sunday, August 7, 2011

11 days and counting...

 As we head toward the start of school thoughts, dreams, and prayers become focused once again toward school.   School starts in 11 days, the balls are all blown up and ready and waiting for students to come.  I am currently planning out my bulletin board, and I have my first semester curriculum pretty well planned out,..but I do have some trepidations as we draw closer to Day 1.  I know the schedules are not quite finalized, they probably won't be done for another week.   But when I check my class numbers I currently have one section with 35 students in it. Hmmm... Interestingly, my first concern isn't necessarily teaching that many students at one time, although it does concern me a little.  My first thought is I do not have 35 balls or room for 35 balls at the tables in my room.  Visions of ball, chair, ball at each table are coming to mind as I picture housing that many students in one room as well as four bodies to a table that is best suited for two to a table.  35 really isn't feasible with the size of my room and the tables I have.  However, my faith in the scheduling powers that be (Shirley) is fairly strong.  I know I won't have 35 students in one class, but I do not know just how many less than 35 I will have.  So the thoughts, dreams and, definitely the prayers, will continue.

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